Approved Existing Scheme

The Pension Reform Act 2014 allows all existing pension schemes before the commencement of the Pension Reform Act 2004 to continue to operate and for any persons who fall under the category of these schemes to continue to derive benefits of the schemes thereof. Therefore, all employers or organisations with qualified existing schemes are allowed to carry on with the administration of such schemes.

Our existing mandates at Tangerine APT Pensions include the management of several approved existing (sponsored) schemes (AES). We currently serve as PFA to manage approved existing schemes by employers in the private and public sectors in line with their set corporate objectives and investment targets.

Our experienced and proven management team are always poised to deliver the best services in accordance with existing PenCom regulations thereby meeting the expected deliverables of the employers of these approved existing schemes.

Contact us today for the management of your existing schemes. Our dedicated and professional pension managers will help you realize your pension objectives within the ambit of regulations.